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Parking Lot Alternatives You’d Never Imagine

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Asphalt parking lots have long been the standard for commercial businesses of all types. While they have served us better than dirt parking lots or loose gravel parking lots, they still have many faults of their own. With new advances in parking lot technology, there are many more options for business owners now when it comes to what kind of parking lot they want to install.

If you’re a business owner looking to circumvent the variety of problems that can arise with asphalt parking lots, you can greatly benefit from learning about newer types of parking lots that can serve you just as well as asphalt, without any of the downsides.

In case you’ve never heard about grass or gravel parking lots, and the advances in technology surrounding them, here are some facts about parking lot alternatives that will help you make the most informed decision when it comes to upgrading your parking lot.

Parking Lot Alternatives are Needed for Asphalt

Asphalt has served as well up until this point, but the need for new types of parking lots is becoming painfully obvious. Asphalt is terrible in the summer, for instance. When the heat rises during the day, asphalt absorbs a great deal of it, thanks to its black color. This causes the asphalt to heat up and become soft and oily which not only leaves behind a residue, it can also burn the skin of anyone who happens to touch it.

Asphalt also breaks down rather quickly, requiring regular maintenance. You’ll need to fill holes, perform seal coating, and a variety of other procedures on your asphalt parking lot to keep it in decent shape. Even a well-maintained asphalt parking lot will only last around 15 years with a frequent repair. Asphalt is also limited when it comes to style options, with the only color being black and becomes aesthetically uglier with age.

Grass and Gravel – The Best Parking Lot Alternatives

Gravel and grass may not be the first types of parking lots that come to mind when you envision modern parking lot alternatives, but the kind of gravel and grass parking lots we’re talking about aren’t the kind you’re thinking of.

With new advancements in paver technology, there’s never been more to be excited about in terms of gravel and grass parking lots. Products offered by TRUEGRID and other companies now make it more feasible than ever to install them anywhere.

Grass Parking Lots

Grass parking lots have always had a certain natural appeal, but business owners haven’t been able to implement them in high-traffic areas because the grass can’t handle it. Ruts, washed out areas, and other problems are quick to appear in a normal grass parking lot, but with TRUEGRID pavers this isn’t a concern.

These permeable pavers are lightweight and durable, allowing them to keep material like grass and gravel locked in place while providing a quick outlet for water and spills of all types. You never have to worry about them breaking down, becoming cracked, or any other problems that you’ll definitely encounter sooner or later with material like asphalt or concrete.

grass parking lot

Gravel Parking Lots

In addition to grass parking lots, you can also install gravel parking lots with the TRUEGRID system. Combined with permeable pavers, gravel makes for an excellent alternative to asphalt. With virtually no maintenance, it can last far longer than asphalt and has a more positive impact on the immediate environment as well.

You won’t have to worry about a deteriorating, broken-down parking lot that’s pooling water and causing navigation issues for drivers or localized flooding if you have a gravel parking lot held in place by permeable pavers. No stepping into ankle deep water when you exit your vehicle because TRUEGRID permeable pavers filled with gravel drain at over 1000 inches per hour.

gravel parking lot

Gravel makes for one of the best materials to build a parking lot from, thanks to its permeability. The many thousands of rocks can be held together to form a solid surface that holds up under the most intense vehicle traffic, yet still allows liquid to pass through unencumbered.

With this kind of a parking lot setup, you can avoid wasting a giant chunk of money on having to repair and maintain your parking lot. You can also avoid any potential lawsuits, should somebody step in a pothole in your parking lot and get injured.

Why Use Asphalt When There are Better Parking Lot Alternatives?

When you consider the pros and cons of using either a grass or gravel parking lot combined with the TRUEGRID permeable paver system vs. a regular asphalt parking lot, the choice is obvious. Depending on your needs as a business owner, it’s going to be much easier for you financially if you choose a gravel or grass parking lot.

Installed with the TRUEGRID paver system, these parking lot alternatives are more cost-effective and less of a burden to work with. They also provide you more stylistic and natural options as well as preventing any pothole-related catastrophes. All in all, it’s hard to see why you would ever go back to asphalt.


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