Large Events Parking Solution: What Should You Choose in 2022

What is the Best Parking Solution for Large Events?

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Large events come in all shapes and sizes, but while large events are fun to throw and attend, they come with many planning concerns. One of these concerns is parking. Large events require special parking that can handle the burden of many people all parking in the same spot.

In case you’re planning an event and you want to know how you can best arrange your parking, let’s take a look at some concerns and ideas that you might want to consider.

What is a Large Event?

Shows and gatherings happen all the time, but for something to be considered a large event it has to have more than 500 participants present at the same time. As such,
large events like these need ample parking for the people who show up. When you have large quantities of people going to any one place, parking is always going to be one of the foremost concerns on the minds of event planners.

Though some venues have built-in parking to handle the influx of people coming to their gatherings, many venues have to put up temporary parking. There are pros and cons to both permanent and temporary large event parking solutions, but for the sake of the event, temporary parking is preferred.

What Makes Temporary Parking Best for Events?

Having permanent parking in place usually refers to asphalt or concrete. These parking lots are impermeable and have lot lines that cannot be adjusted. They also aren’t often adjusted or updated with graphics that direct the flow of traffic. This means that you’ll have to rely on big electronic parking signs to point people in the right direction.

Making sure the flow of traffic is smooth and uninhibited is one of your biggest parking concerns. Having a messed up traffic flow can cause jams and lead to much frustration on the part of your event attendees.

Dealing with trash in your parking lots and spilled substances is another huge issue when it comes to parking. One of the best large event parking solutions to this problem is to implement permeable parking. This type of parking allows liquids to drain directly through the surface of the pavement and into the soil below.

This prevents trash from funneling down towards drainage grates or spot drains in your parking lot and clogging them. Clogged drainage is one of the biggest issues event planners face after throwing an event. It can be almost entirely prevented by implementing permeable pavement as opposed to using asphalt or concrete parking.

Another reason why temporary parking reigns supreme when it comes to large events is because it’s much easier to turn an existing field into a parking area. By using a product like TRUEGRID ROOT, you can stabilize an entire grass field and turn it into sturdy, reliable parking.

TRUEGRID Has the Best Solutions for Large Event Parking

When you look for permeable pavement that can withstand the rigors of large events, TRUEGRID rises to the top as the premier name in the permeable pavement industry. Whether you’re looking to perform a quick install of a stabilized gravel lot or you want to turn a grassy area into stabilized parking, TRUEGRID has you covered.

For large event parking solutions that require gravel parking,  TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS are the perfect large event parking solutions. TRUEGRID PRO LITE will get the job done in most situations but if you’re expecting more heavy-duty traffic, TRUEGRID PRO PLUS has you covered.

Made from 100%-recycled plastic, TRUEGRID pavers are impervious to many of the types of damage that break down your typical asphalt or concrete lot. They can last up to 60 years with minimal maintenance, which means you’ll save a ton of money on long-term event parking over the course of their lifespan.

A 100%-permeability rate means they will never flood and require no additional drainage as well. They also come with many different parking signs and markers that can be used to effortlessly direct the flow of traffic as you desire. They snap into place and can just as easily snap out of place if you need to adjust things.

The installation only requires a basic excavation and can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to install concrete or asphalt. The same goes for TRUEGRID ROOT, which needS only be rolled out and pressed into the grass to complete installation.

Settle Parking Issues at Large Events for Good with TRUEGRID Pavers

If you want to lay out the best large event parking solutions money can buy for a large event, you’d be wise to roll with TRUEGRID. A lightning-fast installation, easy disassembly, incredible durability and versatility, all the accessories you need, and 100%-permeability means that TRUEGRID pavers are a match made in heaven for large events.

If you want to eliminate parking issues and make the whole coming and going process much easier for your attendees, contact TRUEGRID today to get in touch with a pavement professional

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