Grass Pavers | Parking Pavers With Grass
World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance

Grass Pavers - Manufacturer direct cost savings.COST

  • Comes in manufacturer-direct price. Made in USA.
  • 100 % land utilization - storm water detention in sub-base
  • Eliminates costly storm drain construction and soil stabilization


  • World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance
  • Exceeds 6880 psi when TRUEGRID is empty. Load capacity increases significantly when filled.
  • A permanent solution for heavy traffic applications such as equipment yards, parking lots, truck stops, driveways, trails, access roads and more.

TRUEGRID permeable grass pvars drecrease the impact of flooding.STORM

  • 98% Permeable
  • Decreases the impact of flooding
  • Storm Water Detention underneath your surface

What exactly are grass pavers?

Grass pavers offer an innovative paving solution that combines the strength of traditional pavement with the aesthetics of a grass surface. Grass pavers stabilize the soil to prevent rutting and are made from a durable material that provides support to the entire system. This means you can enjoy a natural lot without worrying about natural decay. Sod or seeded grass can be planted through the grass pavers giving the space the natural appeal of a grass lot with the stabilization of the plastic grid underneath. Have you ever wished for a way to park a car, a truck, or even a fire truck on your lawn without worrying about damaging the grass? Or do you imagine the day when you can stop worrying about your grass lot and the constant maintenance it seems to require? Our grass pavers make your dream a reality.

Image of vehicle parked on grass pavers.
The advantages of grass pavers.

What are their advantages over just planting grass?

Our pavers stabilize the soil, preventing the grass from rutting. You want to use grass pavers on any grassy surface (such as overflow parking) that will have to support any substantial kind of weight for an extended period of time because grass itself is fragile and easily damaged. If you have ever parked a car on grass, or even left a heavy box on it in the midst of moving, you will notice the grass will become bruised and may eventually die because these heavy objects crush their roots. With grass pavers, your grass's roots are supported and protected against even the heaviest objects. If you are building a fire lane, overflow parking, or just don't want a concrete or gravel driveway to ruin the upscale look of your commercial property, our grass-filled pavers are the solution for you.

What if I change my mind later?

Grass pavers can be installed on a temporary basis, and can be easily removed. In addition, they won't damage your existing lot at all. Our grid pavers are not staked to the ground like rolled plastic pavers and don't solidify like concrete or asphalt. Instead, our paving system is locked together with male and female tabs, which means you can simply pull up your grass, pick up the grid, and your lot will look like your TRUEGRID had never even been there.

Grass paver installation questions.


After years of dealing with potholes and cracks in my asphalt pavement, your grass pavers have provided a type of pavement that is both easy to maintain and beautiful! I have hydro-seeded mine, and it stays beautiful, no matter how much traffic it gets. Before and after business hours, it looks like the perfect spot for a picnic. Since I no longer have to worry about my parking lot, I can invest more in my business and focus on making it a success. My customers no longer complain about parking. When they mention the parking lot at all, it's to comment on how nice it looks all the time. And my dog is very happy to come to work with me now that he has a place to "go". :)

Brian, Houston

After trying to maintain a grass-based overflow lot for several years, I finally had to admit that it was stretching my budget. But I still didn’t want to revert to asphalt or concrete pavement, because I knew neither would be cheap to maintain either. So I looked for another option and found your grass pavers. I have to say that TRUEGRID is one of the best decisions I have made for my business.

Stefanie, Miami

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