Driveway Drainage Solutions that are Eco-Friendly

This Eco-Friendly Paving System will Help With Your Driveway Drainage Problems

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If you’ve ever lived in a home with a driveway on a slope, low ground, or any other area prone to flooding, you know what a headache and potential disaster it can be when your driveway floods. Ponding on hardscape means you have to walk in puddles when it rains. In heavy rains, you’re worried about water getting into your garage or home or even up into your vehicle.

This is a scenario that can play out multiple times per year for some people and usually ends with them having to park their vehicles in the yard or some other nearby place that’s not flooded until the water recedes back.

Even if you have a driveway that’s in a literal valley between two hills, there is no reason you should have to deal with flooding, even if your location is prone to heavy, year-round rain.

How is that possible, you might ask? The answer is driveway water control via permeable pavers. Permeable pavers are the perfect way to maintain a good-looking, well-performing driveway that is almost 100% immune to flooding, no matter the location.

In case you’re the owner of a driveway that tends to flood, let’s take a look at this ingenious innovation in paving technology and how it can benefit not only you but the environment as well.

Pavers Work with Mother Nature, Not Against Her

Asphalt and concrete driveways are unnatural. They cover a somewhat large area of land with totally solid, impervious material that just isn’t found anywhere else in nature. While these materials can work just fine for some locations, they are very vulnerable to being overrun by natural elements in a wide variety of other locations, both urban and rural.

Because of this, when your impervious asphalt driveway is met with heavy rains, there is nowhere for the water to go. It will either drain down the slope of your driveway into the street, or it will just sit there stagnant until it is eventually able to evaporate and leak into your yard.

This process can take a long time, however, and nobody wants to sit around for days or even weeks on end waiting for their driveway to reappear from the abyss.

TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers are the Driveway Drainage Solution to Flooded Driveways

Eco-friendly, permeable pavers like the kind produced by TRUEGRID have been solving flooded driveway problems ever since they first came out. Take a family in Florida, for example, who’s driveway would flood during every heavy rain event and take days to drain.

They ordered TRUEGRID and had a local contractor come out to install permeable pavers along with clean, angular gravel that allowed water to pass right through the driveway like it wasn’t even there. Now they never have to worry about driveway water control because their pavers do all the work. The pavement system drains instantly when it rains, absorbing water at over 1000 inches per hour. The rock base below provides a detention base to store and drain stormwater during extended rainfall.

There are multiple types of materials you can use with your pavers including gravel, and grass or other landscaping materials such as mulch or crushed glass.Angular gravel works best for driveway water control, as it has the highest level of permeability.

The Environment is Better Off When You Use TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers

Not only are these pavers the best material for preventing flooding in driveways and parking lots, everything about them is sustainable and eco-friendly. From what they are made from (100 % post-consumer recycled plastic), to how they are packaged (either palletized with minimal packaging or in boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard, to the natural filtration effect of allowing the rin ate rto infiltrate through the pavers, rock and into the soil. This allows nature’s bioremediation process to eliminate most auto pollutants before water recharge in our aquifers.

And if you have auto spills or other dangerous liquid spills in your driveway, it won’t leave ugly stains or discoloration.

This is much safer for the environment and the community than the typical construction, where pollutants are carried down into the gutter and city system and potentially help pollute the water supply of your town or city.

Permeable Pavers Outperform Asphalt and Concrete Across the Board

Not only are these pavers safer for the environment, but they are also more durable than asphalt and concrete, and they won’t break down over time or require maintenance as those materials do. They are also far less expensive and time-consuming to install, putting less burden on your pocketbook and the environment at the same time.

There are no giant vehicles or fuel-guzzling pieces of equipment needed in the installation process either. You simply prepare the substrate, lay down the pavers and whatever aggregate you choose, and press it into the pavers by driving over it. The installation can done by local paving or landscape contractors or easily as a do-it-yourself home project.

All in all, permeable pavers like those sold by TRUEGRID are the perfect driveway water control solution. In addition to their myriad of other benefits when it comes to eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, permeable pavers are the most effective solution when it comes to keeping your driveway draining and free from flooding all year long.

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