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6 Easy DIY Paving Projects Around the House

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If you’re like most homeowners in 2020, you’re probably spending a lot of time at home these days. Whether you’ve been temporarily put out of work due to the global pandemic, or you just happen to have some extra time on your hands as we roll into summer, it’s never a bad idea to review your list of potential DIY projects to complete. While you probably won’t have time to get every one of them done, you should always have a list of ideas ready, should you find yourself in the DIY mood.

DIY Paving Projects

Paving projects are always a great choice, so here are 6 simple DIY paving projects you can complete around your home, and you can even have your family help.

1. Shed Base

Easy DIY Shed Base using TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers
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Many people believe they need a concrete shed base, especially if they have heavy tools and such. However, the reality is that a concrete base isn’t your only or even your best option, even if you have heavy tools and machinery in your shed. You need something durable and strong enough to handle constant use and loads. And concrete isn’t very DIY at all.

That’s where pads and pavers from TRUEGRID stand out. Strong and durable enough to withstand even the heaviest wear for the life of your shed and beyond. Permeable enough to instantly drain any rain or liquids into the ground below, ANd the easiest DIY base option available. TRUEGRID snaps together as easy as building blocks to make the perfect product for stabilizing your shed without having to go through the labor-intensive process of pouring concrete. Easy, fast and you’ll even probably save money.

2. RV Parking

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If you could use some extra parking space, there’s no faster, more cost-effective, and efficient solution than installing a DIY permeable paving area dedicated specifically to that. 

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All you have to do is excavate the area with a shovel, pour in your aggregate, lay TRUEGRID permeable pavers over the top, pour some more aggregate over the top, and drive over it with a vehicle to crush the aggregate firmly into place. Voila, you’ve got a new place to park your RV or boat and it took no time at all. Stabilized, no more ruts, no more mud.

3. Gravel Driveway

driveway eco green

If you’re tired of your old concrete or asphalt driveway and you want to switch it up with a new grass or gravel driveway, permeable pavers from TRUEGRID are the perfect solution. Throw TRUEGRID PRO LITE down on compacted gravel or excavate and add base rock for extra drainage to protect your home.

The process is even simpler for creating a grass driveway. Simply lay down some ROOT grass pavers, press them into the grassy soil and let the grass grow through the stabilizing pavers. It’s ready to drive or park on. Enjoy your new multi-function driveway that doubles as part of your yard, which your kids are sure to enjoy.

4. Patio

Patios are similar to sheds in that many homeowners expect them to be concrete. With DECO residential pavers from TRUEGRID, you can build a permeable patio drains away from the house during and after rainstorms, is cooler in the summer, and a more natural aesthetic with gravel or grass fill. DECO permeable pavers from TRUEGRID offer a stabilizing base to hold stone or concrete pavers and surrounding cells that can be filled with gravel or grass. This gives you a stabilized patio that incorporates some solid paving elements while still retaining its permeability. 

This allows you to have the best of both worlds by combining your favorite stepping stone or rock designs into a mostly-permeable patio with plenty of stylistic options to match, complement, or contrast the other elements of your patio.

5. Dog Area

This is one project that is ideal to build with permeable pavement. Dog areas are known for being muddy, dirty, and sloppy, but with TRUEGRID permeable pavers, you can create and maintain a neat and tidy of a space for your precious pooch. 

All the dirt and debris will remain largely trapped within the pavers, preventing your dog or dogs from tracking it into the house. You might need to spray wash this area often, but that’s about the highest maintenance level you’ll find for any permeable pavement projects from TRUEGRID.

6. Walkway

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Permeable pavement isn’t just for dog areas, it also makes for the perfect walkway for you and your family. Regular walkways made from concrete or impermeable pavement will displace water, leading to washouts, sinkage, and other undesirable effects. With TRUEGRID permeable pavers, though, you can build beautiful walkways with minimal effort and even less threat of flooding damage. 

The stormwater will simply flow right through the permeable areas of your walkway and into the ground, while the non-permeable aspects will continue to stand strong and unmoved. Or you could build the entire walkway from permeable pavers, and we wouldn’t blame you. 

Do It Yourself this Year

With many of us locked down at home, the time to get DIY home projects done has never been better. Add that shed, create a patio, add drainage to the yard, fix that driveway, add parking easily, reimagine that muddy walkway, clean up that dog area and stop digging once and or all. Building these easy permeable paving DIY projects, you can create family projects that involve everyone. And the results are quick and satisfying.

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