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4 Types of Concrete Driveways: What’s the Best Option?

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As a homeowner, when it comes to installing a new concrete driveway there are a lot more considerations to keep in mind than you might think. From the color to the type of concrete and more, there are plenty of ways to approach a new concrete driveway installation. 

For instance, the type of concrete driveway you install can have a big impact on how much maintenance you’ll need to perform throughout its lifetime, how long you can expect it to last, how it deals with flooding, and how durable it is, among other things. 

In case you’re interested in building a new concrete driveway for your home and vehicles, let’s take a look at 4 different types of concrete driveways, how they stack up against each other, and what the superior driveway material is for your project. 

What Types of Concrete Driveways Are There?

One of the most common types of driveway concrete out there is plain concrete. Also known as colored concrete when produced in colors other than the standard grey, this material is the most popular amongst homeowners. It’s known for its sleek, clean look and is usually poured in square slabs. 

It can be poured over pretty much any surface, though certain surfaces may end up requiring more maintenance down the road. If poured over regular soil, you could experience shifting, buckling, or cracking when the ground below it inevitably moves and shifts. 

This type of concrete driveway is generally long-lasting but will require resealing at least every 15 to 20 years. The best option is epoxy driveway coating, which makes concrete surface resistant to various forms of damage, chemicals, and vehicle traffic. However, it will increase the overall cost of your driveway. This is one of the reasons why concrete is a relatively expensive driveway option over the long term.

1. Concrete Mixed with Aggregate

The best type of concrete for driveway aesthetics may just be concrete mixed with aggregate. This type of concrete uses regular concrete mixed with one or more types of aggregate. This could include regular gravel or multi-colored gravel. 

Once poured and dried, the slabs are sanded down so that the aggregate is visible. This creates a textured, nuanced look that many homeowners prefer over the blank canvas look of regular grey concrete. 

Exposed aggregate concrete, as it’s known, is similarly durable and lasts as long as regular concrete. However, the correct ratio of aggregate to concrete must be used during the pour, or else the structural integrity and strength of your driveway will suffer greatly. An improperly poured driveway of this type will often fail almost immediately, requiring a complete do-over. 

2. Concrete with Stenciled Designs

Stenciled concrete is another one of our favorite types of concrete driveways. This option is best suited for homeowners who want the functionality and color of concrete but who also want to get creative with their design. Stenciled concrete has designs stenciled into when it’s almost dry. 

These can take the form of anything, really, but most often include designs that mimic the appearance of brick pavers, stone pavers, slate tiles, and many other types of common materials. Artwork and other designs are common as well, though they can easily fade away over time. 

3. Slate-Styled Concrete

Another variation on slate-stenciled concrete is concrete that’s been stamped with slate-textured mats prior to setting. This gives it the most professional look when trying to mimic slate, even more so than stencils. Slate is very beautiful but often too brittle or expensive to use for an entire driveway, so slate-style concrete gives you the durability without any of the maintenance concerns. 

4. Permeable Pavers

Permeable plastic pavers are the superior option to all different types of concrete driveways. You can fill them with different types of crushed concrete to create a paver/concrete hybrid driveway, and they’re far more durable. Made from 100%-recycled plastic, TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers lock in aggregates like concrete and others, preventing them from taking wear and tear. 

This gives you a driveway that looks just as stylish as regular concrete but without nearly any of the maintenance required for upkeep of a concrete driveway. It also eliminates flooding issues for good, keeping your concrete driveway clean and stable. 

Use TRUEGRID Pavers as a Better Alternative to Impermeable Concrete

If you’re looking to install a new driveway on your property that’s going to look great, stand the test of time, and outperform concrete when it comes to durability, all while remaining eco-friendly and low-maintenance, look no further than TRUEGRID permeable pavers.  If you’re thinking about building a new driveway, call the pavement professionals at TRUEGRID today for a quote.

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