Self Storage Business: The Best Pavement Solution Available in 2024

The Best Pavement Solution for Self Storage Businesses

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Self storage businesses are a great way to make a decent profit and can be a very hands-off endeavor once you get up and rolling. Starting one of these businesses is as easy as procuring the land and correct permits, laying the pavement, and installing the self storage units before setting up fencing and security measures.

In this way, it can be kind of hard to differentiate yourself from other businesses in the area. You might be lucky enough to thrive even without a specific edge over the competition, but you’re always better off with an edge on your competitors than without.

One of the ways you can gain an edge is by installing the right kind of pavement. There are many options for your paving materials, so let’s take a look at what the best solution is for paving your self storage business.

Types of Pavement

1. Asphalt

There are a handful of paving options you could consider popular for a self storage business. The first is asphalt. Asphalt is the most popular paving option for most people because it’s such a long-standing tradition. Asphalt is rather inexpensive and many people have a predisposition to asphalt because it’s so commonplace.

The pros of asphalt are that it is relatively inexpensive, as stated above, and it gets the job done. Self storage units don’t get a ton of traffic, so asphalt will last a bit longer than it does in a grocery store parking lot, for instance. However, you’re still expected to reseal your asphalt lot once every 5 years and resurface it every 10 years.

Resealing and resurfacing can be costly and time-consuming. You’ll also have to work with your renters to see if they can avoid coming through while the lots are being done. Asphalt can get sticky in the summer on hot days and it absorbs heat. This creates a heat island effect that could make your self storage business unbearably hot on certain days, which is something to consider.

2. Concrete

Concrete is another widely popular material used for paving self storage businesses. Concrete is rather durable, and costs around the same as asphalt to install and maintain over time. Concrete differs from asphalt in that its texture is smoother and the color is usually grey or off-white.

Some business owners may prefer this look, but concrete has durability concerns of its own. For instance, although asphalt suffers in the heat, concrete suffers in the cold. Cold temps can make concrete brittle and susceptible to cracking. Concrete also needs to be resealed every 5 years and resurfaced every ten years, just like asphalt.

Overall, the main reason you might want to use concrete is the aesthetic. You can alter the look of your concrete with graphics, stenciling, and colors to create a unique aesthetic that other businesses don’t have.

3. Loose Gravel

Loose gravel is the cheapest option on this list and makes a great choice if you need a temporary solution. However, the amount of traffic that a self storage business tends to get means your loose gravel will be spreading around all over the place. Gravel needs to be raked and/or replaced once it’s spread, and is a constant maintenance effort.

Loose gravel also grinds down into dust rather quickly, creating another problem for your renters. This dust can turn to mud when it rains and create quite a mess, so using loose gravel isn’t exactly the first choice for many self-storage business owners.

4. Permeable Pavers

The best way to stand apart from the crowd while offering a high-quality, professional-looking paved area to your renters is to use permeable pavers for your self-storage business. Permeable pavers stabilize gravel within them, to prevent it from spreading or grinding down into dust.

TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS permeable plastic pavers, for example, will last up to 60 years with minimal maintenance required. These pavers are made from 100%-recycled plastic, making them the most eco-friendly option on the market.

With 100%-permeability, TRUEGRID permeable pavers are also a built-in drainage system for your self storage business. Instead of sloping your pavement and/or adding additional drainage grates and piping, TRUEGRID pavers allow you to enjoy a two-in-one pavement/drainage solution. Installation is incredibly quick and can often be completed in a day or two. The TRUEGRID system uses a sub-base of gravel beneath a layer of pavers on the surface.

The surface of the pavers is also filled with gravel and compacted, to create a neat, level surface with plenty of traction. TRUEGRID permeable pavers won’t shift or come apart unless you want to take them apart, in which case disassembly is also very quick and easy.

Help your Self-Storage Company Stand Out with TRUEGRID

It never hurts to have an edge in any industry. In self-storage, there aren’t many places you can’t find one, so utilizing TRUEGRID as a unique, cost-effective way to build pavement is a smart choice.

TRUEGRID pavers look great, last up to 60 years, require little to no maintenance, and save you money on additional storage. If you want a state-of-the-art permeable paving system for your self storage business, get in touch with a pavement professional at TRUEGRID today. 

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