Recycled Asphalt Driveway: Insights & Superior Alternatives

Understanding Recycled Asphalt Driveways and a Better Alternative

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Recycled asphalt has gained a following due to its perceived affordability and eco-friendliness. As an alternative to traditional paving materials like concrete and asphalt, this option finds favor in various applications, including driveways. However, while recycled asphalt offers some advantages, it also carries a host of disadvantages that require careful consideration.

Recycled Asphalt Driveway

This article explores a superior solution that offers greater advantages than recycled asphalt, while also addressing its limitations.

Exploring Recycled Asphalt Driveways

Recycled asphalt, also known as Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP), is a sustainable material that is often used in road construction and driveways.

How Recycled Asphalt is Made

Recycling asphalt is a multi-step process that offers several methods to get the job done. These include hot or cold recycling, as well as full-depth recycling. Let’s dive into the typical recycling process: start by mixing asphalt chunks or millings with water and additives in an asphalt recycler. If you’re making hot mix asphalt, tumble and heat the mixture for about 20 minutes and it’s ready to use.

On the other hand, cold recycling offers an energy-saving alternative by eliminating the need for heat. In this method, asphalt cement can often retain its adhesive properties and be reused as a binding agent. Additionally, the fine mineral particles generated during the production of asphalt pavement material can be recycled to contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Why Recycled Asphalt is Considered Sustainable

Asphalt sustainability goes beyond just being reusable. It’s about reusing waste products that would normally end up in landfills: items like tire rubber, slags, foundry sand, glass, and even pig manure. By incorporating these materials into the asphalt mixture, landfill space is conserved.

Pros of Recycled Asphalt Driveways


Lower material costs and simple installation make recycled asphalt a budget-friendly option.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycled asphalt reduces the need for new material production, thus conserving resources.

Cons of Recycled Asphalt Driveways

Durability Concerns

Over time, the driveway may develop potholes and cracks due to the lower resilience of recycled asphalt.


Recycled asphalt does not have the same deep black color as virgin asphalt. For homeowners who prioritize aesthetic aspects, this can be a significant disadvantage. The recycled material often presents a color that is a hybrid between gravel and asphalt, which might not be as appealing as the deep black hue of a fresh, non-recycled asphalt driveway.

Maintenance Needs

Regular upkeep, including repeated sealcoating, is necessary to prolong the lifespan of a recycled asphalt driveway.

Permeability Issues

Recycled asphalt does not offer efficient water drainage, and can lead to pooling or runoff that may cause additional damage or landscape issues. Impermeable surfaces also contribute to polluted downstream water runoff.

A Superior Alternative: TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers

Unlike the limitations of recycled asphalt, TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers are a durable and high-performance solution for driveways. Experience a practical and approachable way to enhance your driveway.

A Superior Alternative: TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers

Strength and Durability

TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers are designed to endure heavy use and vehicle loads. With an innovative design that prevents potholes, puddles, and cracks, TRUEGRID® pavers offer superior durability that outlasts traditional paving materials.

Exceptional Permeability

One of the defining features of TRUEGRID® Pavers is their 100% permeability. This characteristic allows for efficient water absorption, to eliminate runoff and mitigate issues like pooling. The high infiltration rate supports better water management, to prevent flooding and contribute to a healthier landscape. Permeable pavers filter pollutants from stormwater before they reach the groundwater supply.

Customizable and Aesthetically Pleasing

TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers also allow for custom installations, with options for gravel or grass fill. This versatility means you can create a driveway that seamlessly blends with your landscape, without sacrificing strength and durability.

TRUEGRID® Provides Options That Make Sense

Our solution is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer residential products, commercial products, and a third option where permitting is usually not-required.

TRUEGRID® Provides Options That Make Sense


Perfectly balancing form and function, TRUEGRID® PRO LITE Pavers are a sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing choice for your residential paving needs.

Boasting 100% permeability, our pavers prevent runoff, effectively absorb stormwater, and naturally filter water, to reduce flooding risks and promote better water management on your property. They are easy to install, modular, and can be filled with grass or gravel for a natural aesthetic that harmonizes with your landscape.

True to their name, TRUEGRID® Pavers are strong, resistant to heavy use and loads, to ensure longevity with minimal maintenance. Say goodbye to the hassles of potholes, puddles, and cracks that traditional asphalt and concrete paving often invite.

Working well in all climates and soils, these pavers exhibit excellent infiltration rates, for superior performance compared to concrete and asphalt. They save land, time, and money – a paving solution that’s as budget-friendly as it is eco-friendly.


TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS® Pavers are the world’s strongest permeable pavers, and trusted by giants like Google, AutoNation, and Whole Foods Markets. Renowned for their strength and durability, they are perfect for heavy use and loads, and can eliminate the hassle of potholes, puddles, and cracks:

  • 100% permeable coverage
  • 1000+ inches/hour infiltration rate.
  • Superior stormwater management
  • Flood damage prevention
  • Natural water filtration
  • Helps eliminate the need for detention ponds and reduce surface water runoff to near zero

The Grass Driveway: An Attractive, Durable Option

TRUEGRID® ROOT® Pavers are a revolutionary paving solution for automobiles and most pickup trucks and light SUVs that allows you to have a beautiful grass-covered driveway without ugly ruts, potholes and uneven surfaces. They are 100% permeable, and can absorb stormwater with zero runoff, to help keep your land dry and flood-free.

The Grass Driveway: An Attractive, Durable Option

Installation is modular, fast, and easy, to save on time and labor costs. The grass option makes TRUEGRID® ROOT® Pavers naturally attractive, to blend seamlessly with the environment while enhancing the green credentials of your project. Plus, they act as a natural water filter, and contribute to the overall health of the landscape.

TRUEGRID® ROOT® Pavers are a more cost-effective and sustainable choice compared to traditional concrete and asphalt. They enhance the environment by cleaning pollutants from rainwater runoff caused by automobile drips and animal waste.

They work in all climates and soils, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to true innovation and versatility. Join the permeable paving revolution and opt for TRUEGRID® ROOT® Pavers for your next easy paving project.

Experience the TRUEGRID Advantage: Move Beyond Recycled Asphalt

Recycled asphalt may appear to be a good choice initially, but it lacks the long-term benefits that a solution like TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers offer. The strength, durability, and permeability of TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers, combined with their environmental advantages and aesthetic options, make them an excellent alternative for driveways.

Ready for a sustainable, high-performing, and attractive driveway solution? Contact us today and discover why permeable pavers are a better solution!

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