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How Permeable Pavers are Improving Public Parks

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When you think of permeable pavement, you might envision parking lots or sidewalks made from material like permeable asphalt, concrete, or pavers. Parks can also benefit from permeable pavers. In fact, one type of permeable paver is able to improve parks in ways that other types can’t. 

Let’s review the permeable paver that can have the largest impact on parks and what benefits it can provide.

Permeable Pavers Aren’t Just for Parking Lots

Most types of permeable pavement can only be implemented in areas intended for parking or areas where pavement already exists, like pathways and other surfaces. However,  the TRUEGRID ROOT™ system allows permeable pavers to be implemented across the park without changing the appearance or functionality at all. 

ROOT™  pavers lock into place on top of the existing grass and allow the grass to grow up through them. The end result is an area that looks exactly the same but now has additional durability and erosion-prevention capabilities. 

The Benefits of Permeable Pavers for Parks

Parks have a lot of foot traffic on an almost daily basis, so it’s not surprising that many parks are dealing with trampling, bare patches, and soil erosion Parks need to be watered constantly, which means an unrelenting flow of water that often erodes the nearby soil. 

It’s not uncommon to walk through a park and find areas along the edges of pathways and around trees that are either completely bare of grass or have severe soil erosion issues. Large expansive areas of green grass are what make up most parks, so preserving not only this grass, but the soil beneath it, should be a top priority. 

Most parks simply deal with trampled, torn up areas and bare patches in their parks by only choosing to reseed and repair when the erosion and damage has become so unsightly that it demands a resolution.

Fortunately, there is a less expensive and much more practical way of keeping parks in top shape By installing TRUEGRID ROOT™  permeable pavers, the health of the grass will improve and make it easier to maintain the area for longer without having to invest in costly maintenance. 

In many parks, loose gravel is used to create walking, hiking, and biking trails, as well. Thankfully, with the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS™ system, this gravel can be stabilized to mitigate the effects of erosion and deterioration. TRUEGRID really is the perfect solution for park paving.

What Sets TRUEGRID ROOT Apart From the Rest?

TRUEGRID ROOT pavers are the best choice for any park needing to prevent soil erosion, grass trampling, and bare patches. They are specifically designed to handle heavy loads and keep grass and soil in place. Unlike other types of pavers, the installation process f is so simple it can be completed in less than a day.

All you have to do is place the pavers over your designated area, and make sure that they are placed with the teeth facing upwards, and wet the entire area thoroughly with water. Once the entire area has been sprayed, simply press the pavers into the ground with a roller and you’re done. The grass will grow up through the pavers and the pavers themselves will hardly even be noticeable. 

Once the installation is complete, they will last for a full 60 years little to no maintenance required. This means that you won’t need to reseed grass or take other measures to improve the land, because the grass and soil will be fully protected. 

Made from 100% recycled plastic, permeable ROOT™  pavers are as durable as they come and provide stabilized drains to allow for the natural flow of water through the soil and into the water table. 

With the TRUEGRID ROOT™ system, you can easily create durable grass parking lots in parks that match the harmonious design of the natural setting. A permeable grass parking lot from TRUEGRID can easily withstand the heavy traffic of a popular park, without damaging the underlying grass. Visitors will love this environmentally-conscious installation and its natural aesthetic.

Parks Need Improved Protection for Long-Term Health and Longevity

Parks are places where groups of people get together often, so it only makes sense that the grass in a park would require a bit more maintenance than usual. Instead of letting your park become rutted, bare, and unsightly due to foot traffic, it’s time to implement a solution that guarantees 6 decades of protection and health. 

By installing permeable ROOT™  pavers, you can save money and time while improving the look and health of your park with simple, lightweight pavers that are easy to install, eco-friendly, permeable, and incredibly durable. It’s never been easier to give parks the added protection they need against the daily traffic that wears them down. 

The TRUEGRID PRO PLUS paver system is great for building a permeable parking lot for your park, but the TRUEGRID ROOT™ paver system is the only one that offers the protection and benefits that every park needs.

Contact the paving experts at TRUEGRID to get more information on a durable paving solution for public parks.


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