How to Blend Landscape Architecture and Parking Lot Design: 3 Ideas

How to Blend Landscape Architecture and Parking Lot Design

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Parking lots are more than just a place for people to park. They provide an opportunity to change up the aesthetic of your business, add natural drainage and shade, and improve your overall level of eco-friendliness if you choose the right materials to build with.

The architecture you include in your parking lot design, for instance, can be the perfect way to incorporate all these things into your parking lot without having to change up the whole parking lot or spend too much on fancy materials.

Parking lot islands are the best way to do this, so in case you want to know how to blend landscape architecture into your parking lot design, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do so.

Landscaping and Parking Lots


When it comes to landscape architecture and parking lot design, parking lot islands are the best way to break up the monotony of pavement and implement a variety of beneficial additions. Greenery, for example, can go a long way and provide many benefits you might not have been aware of.

Improving curb appeal is one of the main benefits of adding greenery to your parking lot islands. When people are driving down the roads and looking for a place to shop or stop in, they subconsciously make decisions based on what they see.

If they see nothing but a big paved parking lot and parking spaces, they’re more likely to pass up your place of business in favor of something that looks more appealing. Adding trees, shrubs, and/or plants is a great way to catch the eye and make your business look more appealing.

Not all trees and plants are suited for parking lots, however Some plants are sensitive to car exhaust and will shrivel up and die before long. Some types of trees will shed buds and flowers, and create a mess for you to clean up.

The best type of trees to use are ones with deep roots that can reach below the compacted soil of the subsurface of your parking lot and get as much water as they need from deep underground. You also want durable plants like Daylilies, Purple coneflower, and Virginia Sweetspire.

These plants have tons of color that will add a nice pop to your lot, while still being durable enough to withstand the rigors of parking lot life. Native plants, in general, will be much more suited as opposed to non-native plants. Some of the best trees to use include types such as Crape Myrtle, Chinese Elm, and Yaupon Holly.

Stormwater Drainage

Another way to improve your parking lot design while also reducing maintenance costs and improving durability is to use permeable pavers for stormwater drainage. If your parking lot islands are set at a slightly lower level than the rest of your lot, building them with permeable pavers like the kind made TRUEGRID, for example, will allow for maximum drainage.

Both TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID PRO PLUS are 100%-permeable and can handle the heaviest of rains without flooding. They’re so effective at stormwater drainage that they can even eliminate the need for additional drainage methods like underground pipes and drainage grates. 

TRUEGRID permeable pavers are one of the quickest paving methods to install, with parking lot islands projects able to be completed in less than a day. They use permeable pavers to trap a layer of surface gravel over the top of a 8-inch subsurface also composed of gravel.

The surface gravel is completely locked into the surface of the pavers, so you’ll never have to worry about gravel spread or refilling your landscaped islands, as you would with loose gravel. This is especially handy if you expect any amount of foot traffic through your parking lot islands, as you can build pathways that preserve the health and livelihood of your plants while giving people a path to walk on.

TRUEGRID pavers are also one of, if not the most eco-friendly paving options because they are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and will last for up to 60 years before needing to be replaced. This drives down maintenance costs to almost nothing and prevents the need for heavy, dirty-burning equipment to produce and/or install more asphalt or concrete.

Permeable Pavers from TRUEGRID Are an Excellent Way to Blend Landscape Architecture Into Your Parking Lot Design

If you are designing a parking lot and you want to build a version that isn’t as monotonous and bland as everyone else around you, you need to spice up your parking lot islands. Improving your lot with trees, shrubs, plants, and permeable pavement is the best way to get the most out of your islands.

Not all types of permeable pavement are created equal, however, so if you want the most durable, eco-friendly, and permeable pavers money can buy, call TRUEGRID today to get in touch with a pavement professional.

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