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An Alternative to Traditional Gravel Parking Pads

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If you’re a homeowner or business owner in need of a parking solution, there are more than a few directions you could go. Most tend to opt for asphalt or concrete parking. These materials are very durable and stylistically pleasing at first, however they come with a litany of potential issues that can — and will — cost you big bucks down the line.

Dirt driveways and grass parking is another option, but they aren’t feasible if you’re looking for a professional-looking and long-lasting parking solution. Gravel pads can be a nice compromise between durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic beauty.

However, not all gravel parking pads are built the same. In fact, not building with the right materials could lead to just as many problems as can be found with asphalt, concrete, dirt, and grass.

In case you’re interested in implementing gravel parking pads in your home or place of business, let’s take a look at the downfalls of traditional gravel pads and how you can eliminate them with an innovative, and eco-friendly, new product.

Issues with Traditional Gravel Pads

For homes or businesses without any type of pavement in place for parking, even an unstabilized gravel pad is an upgrade. Gravel pads provide a parking area that can withstand the weight and friction of vehicles. Instead of causing giant mud ruts or tearing up your yard, these pads and gravel are able to much more easily handle the parking needs of your vehicles.

However, gravel pads aren’t suitable for use over an extended time because they are essentially built like giant playpens. The gravel inside the perimeter of the pads is free to move around and shift without anything stopping it. This will lead to gravel becoming displaced. It may pile up near the edges of your parking pad, or even spill out over the tops of your parking pad perimeter.

Once the gravel has become displaced, it can lead to rutting inside the pads, displacement of the soil below the gravel, washouts, flooding, and recurring maintenance. This is less than ideal for anyone in need of a long-term parking solution and has led innovators to develop products that are much more capable of providing all the benefits of gravel parking pads without almost any downsides.

What’s the Alternative to Unstabilized Gravel Pads?

The solution to unstabilized gravel pads is to stabilize them. Instead of just digging out an area and filling it with gravel, there’s one more step that needs to be taken. This is where TRUEGRID PRO PLUS pavers come in. Built from incredibly durable, 100%- recycled plastic, TRUEGRID pavers stabilize the gravel and trap it into place.

Each individual paver is built with S-Flex Joints and a hoop strength design that allows it to bend but not break when handling the weight of even the heaviest vehicles. The X-Anchors within each paver trap the gravel inside and weigh the pavers to the ground, preventing any shifting or moving.

The pavers are made from Hi-Impact recycled polymer that can withstand the weight of a monster truck landing on them without breaking. The 3-Point locking tabs on the end of each paver can be snapped together effortlessly and quickly, slashing installation time and preventing the pavers from accidentally coming apart.

An Affordable and Long-Lasting Solution to Gravel Parking

Unstabilized gravel parking pads are more of a temporary solution, but gravel parking stabilized with the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS paver system will give you the best of both worlds as a homeowner or a business owner.

Since this paving system is so easy to install, it takes only a fraction longer to complete than an unstabilized gravel pad. Once the parking area has been excavated and filled with gravel, the pavers can be snapped into place over the top and filled in with more gravel, using a heavy vehicle or roller to press it into the top of the pavers.

Once the installation is completed, your gravel parking pad will never suffer from shifting gravel, ruts, or flooding again. There are plenty of different-colored aggregates to choose from for your filler material, and the end product will look very professional and stylish.

It’s safe to say that stabilizing your gravel parking pad with the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS system is the smartest way to preserve its lifespan. TRUEGRID pavers can eliminate long-term maintenance, rutting, dust, mud, and even vehicle problems as well.

Whether you’re looking for individual, residential parking, or you want to stabilize gravel parking pads at your place of business, the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS system can handle it all.

If you want an alternative parking solution that won’t require any sacrifice in terms of quality, durability, permeability or style, get in touch with the professionals at TRUEGRID today.


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