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4 Benefits of Gravel Parking Lot Markers Over Traditional Paint

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How do you best utilize a gravel lot?  Without stripes, parking will be inefficient and unorganized. Paint on gravel just does not work, unless you enjoy painting frequently. Of all the benefits of using permeable pavers to build a gravel parking lot, one of the most overlooked is that using parking lot markers to organize and stripe your lot ensures maximum efficiency and utilization.  

If you’re curious about the benefits of permeable-paver gravel lots and the fact that their parking lot markers offer far more value than the painted lot lines commonly found on asphalt and concrete lots, let’s look at three of the biggest ones.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is probably the most valuable benefit of using gravel parking lot markers instead of painted lines. You might think that neither could cost very much, but that’s not necessarily true. 

While gravel parking lot markers are a low-cost, one-time expense, the same cannot be said for painted lot lines. These lines require frequent refreshing and repainting. The one time cost is about the same, but paint needs to be repeated. The plastic markers do not and will last the 30 plus year life of the lot.

SuperSpot Parking Marker

These spot markers snap into place with no tools needed. They can be repositioned easily if needed.

2. Stylistic Versatility

Painted lot lines typically come in one of two colors; white or yellow, which we are all accustomed to seeing as this is the current standard. 

So, when you go with an asphalt or concrete parking lot, you are limiting yourself stylistically and preventing your business from standing out in some small way. 

It might not seem important to some business owners, but in today’s climate, where every edge and unique characteristic helps a business stand out among the rest, installing a boring asphalt or concrete parking lot can be a subtle failure when it comes to getting noticed. 

Gravel parking lot markers, on the other hand, come in different colors, like white, red, yellow, and blue. Besides adding color to your parking lot, you can designate certain spots for certain uses and create markings, like arrows, and reposition them with ease. 

Thanks to the simple, snap-in installation of these markers, you can move them around instantly depending on who’s going to be parking in your lot, what events you’re having, and any other shifting variables.

3. Safe for all climates

Another huge benefit of using gravel parking lot markers over painted lot lines is their eco-friendliness. The grid is made from 100%  recycled HDPE. The markers are made with a long term UV inhibitor to last for decades.

The standard domed SuperSpot markers are great for high visibility. Add safety by using reflector SuperSpot parking markers at the end of lines or for entire stripes.

In cold climates use SnowSpots which are flush to the surface and are easily snow ploughed.

Compared to painted lot lines, which are made of hazardous chemicals and need to be constantly replenished, gravel parking lot markers are far more sustainable and may contribute a positive PR boost for your business.

4. Visibility

Unlike paint, TRUEGRID’s gravel parking lot markers are made from highly reflective material, which makes them much more visible than regular lot lines and also means that their visibility never fades over time. 

There’s nothing more unprofessional than having your customers and guests not know where to park because they can barely see your lot lines, so gravel parking lot markers can go a long way toward improving your image in that regard. Visibility is also at a premium in areas where rain, snow, and other weather conditions conspire to make your lot lines harder to see. 

Painted Lot Lines are a Thing of the Past

Gravel parking lot markers are ushering in a new era of parking for businesses everywhere. If you are tired of paying a crew to repaint your lot lines, or you want to maintain a professional-looking parking lot over many years without having to invest in its maintenance, a permeable paver gravel parking lot may be in order. 

The cost-effectiveness, stylistic versatility, and eco-friendliness of these parking lots and their lot line markers are just too beneficial to pass up in today’s business environment. For more information on gravel parking lot markers and a better paving solution, contact Truegrid today.


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