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Airfield, Airpark, & Airport Protection for Soft Ground

No More Closures Due to Rain or Mud

With TRUEGRID® reinforcement grids, your grass runways stay open all the time, your grass taxiways won’t rut, and your helipads are safe to land.  TRUEGRID® is an engineered systems to protect grass or gravel from compaction.  TRUEGRID® also drains allowing rainwater to pass through the system without saturating the ground — the ground remains stable and usable.



Lay the TRUEGRID ROOT™ with the patented X-Anchors and Gripper Teeth up on the grass area.

Wet the grass and soil area thoroughly.

Press ROOT™ into the grass with a heavy roller. No anchors needed.

That’s it! Taxi, take-off and land on your stabilized ROOT™ grass runways and taxiways. No ruts.

Reinforced Grass Runways, Grass Taxiways & Helipads

Using TRUEGRID permeable pavers to protect grass runways, grass taxiways, grass helipads, and gravel parking lots and equipment yards at Airfields, Airports, Airstrips, and private grass runways.


TRUEGRID® is a durable, all-weather surface designed to drain and prevent rutting. Your plane will not sink into a muddy or wet area while taxiing. TRUEGRID® allows water to pass through keeping your grass taxiways open even after a rain event. A TRUEGRID® grass taxiway requires very little upkeep -- water, fertilization, and mowing -- just like a normal turf surface.


Stronger than concrete, at over 8000 psi, TRUEGRID® provides a powerful, durable grass surface for safe helicopter take-offs and landings. TRUEGRID®'s patented Interlocking and self-anchoring design also provides for high-strength in vector loads, preventing any lateral movement. At a 60-year project lifespan, your TRUEGRID® reinforced grass helipad will last nearly three-times longer than a concrete one, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your helipad.


TRUEGRID® permeable pavers can also be filled with gravel for a strong, unlimited traffic surface. TRUEGRID® can drain water up to 800 inches per hour and can remain open and usable even after the heaviest downpour. TRUEGRID® prevents the gravel from rutting, washboarding, and eroding -- saving your maintenance crew hours in repair time.


Even the heaviest trucks and vehicles can drive and park on TRUEGRID®. Fuel station access and vehicle equipment yards are ideal areas for TRUEGRID® gravel permeable paving. TRUEGRID® drains rainwater and prevents area closings due to mud and water -- your equipment yard and fuel station will remain open for business.

Increased Flying Days and Happier Airpark Residents

Berfore TRUEGRID® was installed, the afternoon rains would saturate the ground creating a muddy, impassable mess -- no place for a plane. After installation, the Wellington Aero Club is able to keep their runways, taxiways, and fuel station access roads open all the time.

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