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How to Fix & Firm Up Muddy Yards for Residential and Commercial Grounds

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If you’ve ever had to deal with mud on your property, it’s no surprise that you’d want to know how to fix a muddy yard. Muddy yards look disheveled and unkempt, and they can turn into bigger problems than a simple eyesore.

Having a yard and/or driveway that’s become muddy can lead to mud being tracked into your building. It can also lead to ruts, erosion, insect problems, indoor stains, dirty vehicles, muddy pets, and more.

Unfortunately, for those with muddy yards, there can seem to be no real solution. Sometimes the soil in your yard just isn’t great at holding water, or maybe your land is at an angle where stormwater pools into it, causing mud and flooding.

Whatever the cause may be, there is a solution that can act as a permanent muddy yard fix. If you’re wondering how to fix a muddy yard, let’s take a look at the best solution.

The First Step to Fixing a Muddy Yard

Our yards get muddy when they become oversaturated with water. This usually happens due to stormwater, and improper drainage only exacerbates the problem. The average yard is able to avoid flooding by draining water through its soil and into the water table below.

If too much water gets into a yard too quickly, this can leave the soil saturated. Once the soil is saturated, you need a solution. The worst part is that when a yard gets truly muddy, it can take days or even weeks to fully dry out again, and that’s if you don’t get any more rain in the meantime.

If you want to firm up muddy ground, the first step is to implement an effective drainage solution. The only effective drainage solution for an entire yard that will prevent mud is permeable pavers.

Permeable Pavers Can Defeat Mud for Good

If you’re looking for muddy ground solutions, TRUEGRID PRO LITE and TRUEGRID ROOT are the best on the market. TRUEGRID permeable paving systems use durable, eco-friendly pavers made from 100%-recycled plastic. The permeable pavers are used to create a stable base that you can walk or drive on without getting muddy or tearing the yard up.

With TRUEGRID PRO LITE, you can implement a drainage solution that prevents your yard from ever getting muddy again. The installation is very quick, and there’s almost no maintenance required once your pavers have been installed. To prevent a yard from ever getting muddy again, the solution is to install TRUEGRID permeable pavers filled with gravel or grass.

First, the entire yard area will be excavated slightly. If the soils are clay and don’t drain well a drainage base of rock may be used. The depth will depend on the water storage needed but may vary from zero inches of rock for compact soils that drain well to 8 inches if storage is needed. A cloth will be laid at the bottom of the gravel will be filled to the top of the empty pit and compacted. Once the gravel fill is compacted and level, more empty pavers will be snapped into place over the top.

The next step is for gravel to be poured over them and crushed into them with a heavy vehicle or roller. This completes the installation of TRUEGRID PRO LITE pavers and leaves you with a surface capable of draining a lot of water directly through it, and into the soil below.

TRUEGRID ROOT pavers are an effective muddy grass solution. If you still want a grassy yard, you can also use TRUEGRID ROOT pavers on the layer of grass for instant stabilization of your grass area.

TRUEGRID ROOT pavers are designed to be pressed into place onto the grass. They lock into the very top layer of soil and provide empty, rigid cells for the grass to protrude through. The rigid plastic structure of the pavers keeps soil from moving around too much when it’s wet and prevents mud from getting out of hand.

For soil that’s a bit muddy and expected to handle foot and/or vehicle traffic, TRUEGRID ROOT pavers can be used on their own. As long as you aren’t getting washed out with stormwater, TRUEGRID ROOT pavers are perfect, especially for the residential or commercial property owner wondering how to fix a muddy yard for dogs.

The pavers will allow your grass to grow through them and will be nearly invisible once the grass gets to a certain height. They act as soil stabilizers as well, preventing bare spots and mud from being created by foot or vehicle traffic.

TRUEGRID Pavers Can Fix Your Muddy Yard for Good

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a green lawn to have a yard without mud problems. If your yard needs better drainage, more stabilization, or both, don’t let the problem get any worse before you address it. Call TRUEGRID right now to get in touch with a permeable pavement specialist who can help you firm up your muddy yard for good!

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