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The Pros and Cons of Crushed Limestone Driveways and a Better Alternative

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Are you thinking about giving your driveway a much-needed makeover with crushed limestone? This lesser-known paving option packs a punch with an array of benefits that could make it perfect for your home.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide, to delve deep into the pros and cons of crushed limestone driveways. Our goal is to give you a thorough overview to help you make an informed decision about the type of material that’s right for your home. Let’s get started!

What Are Crushed Limestone Driveways?

Crushed limestone driveways are constructed predominantly from finely crushed limestone. This sedimentary rock, notable for its distinctive grey hue, is packed tightly to form a sturdy and visually pleasing driveway surface that embodies a hint of rural charm.

Crushed limestone driveways work because they create a permeable surface. The gaps between the compacted stones allow water to seep through, which reduces surface runoff and contributes to a more eco-friendly driveway option. They’re also a natural and sustainable choice for anyone passionate about doing their part to preserve our planet.

Pros for Crushed Limestone Driveways

Crushed limestone driveways are more than just easy on the eyes. They also provide functional benefits that can make your life easier. From enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal to more practical advantages, there’s plenty to appreciate. Here are the pros for crushed limestone driveways.

Better Drainage

One standout feature of crushed limestone driveways is their superior drainage capabilities. The porous nature of limestone lets water drain through quickly, to prevent water logging or standing water. If you live in a region that gets lots of rain, this feature can be a game-changer that saves you from dealing with a water-logged driveway.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of crushed limestone driveways is the ease of installation. The process is relatively straightforward and can even be accomplished by an amateur DIYer. Simply layer the crushed limestone, compact it, and you’re done! It’s really that simple.


Durability is a significant factor when choosing a driveway material, and crushed limestone doesn’t disappoint. The robust nature of limestone creates a driveway that can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and regular foot traffic. There’s no need to worry about longevity because a crushed limestone driveway is a reliable, long-term investment.


We can’t skip over one of the biggest attractions of crushed limestone driveways – their aesthetic appeal. The natural beauty of the stone, with its striking grey color, can enhance any property’s visual appeal. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your home’s exterior, a crushed limestone driveway is a fantastic option.


Crushed limestone is a highly cost-effective choice for driveway material. You get a durable, attractive, and functional driveway without burning a hole in your pocket, which makes crushed limestone a standout option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Cons for Crushed Limestone Driveways

However, crushed limestone driveways aren’t without their drawbacks. Like any material, they have their own cons. Here are some of the disadvantages of choosing a crushed limestone driveway:

Seasonal Changes

In regions that experience significant seasonal changes, crushed limestone driveways can be a bit of a challenge. Freeze and thaw cycles can cause the driveway to shift and become uneven. It may require some work to keep the surface level and functional.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is another important factor to consider. Crushed limestone driveways require regular upkeep, which can involve adding new limestone to compensate for occasional settling or compacting of the driveway. It could be a deterrent if you don’t enjoy occasional manual work. Unsupported crushed limestone can also get embedded in tire treads and deposited offsite creating ruts or tire divots needing periodic refilling.

Durability (Compared to Other Materials)

Despite limestone’s durability, it doesn’t quite match up to materials like concrete or asphalt in terms of strength. Under the pressure of heavier vehicles, the limestone may shift, and create an uneven surface. If your driveway frequently bears heavy loads, this could be an important factor.

Impact on Tires

Crushed limestone can be tough on tires, especially if the stones are incorrectly packed. Over time, it can lead to faster wear and tear on your vehicle tires. If you’re conscious about prolonging the life of your tires, you should probably pay special attention to how your crushed limestone is compacted.

Time-Consuming Installation

While the installation process is relatively simple, it’s not quick, particularly for larger driveways. You may find yourself spending a weekend or two on your project, which can be a bit of a challenge for those with a busy schedule.

A Crushed Limestone Driveway Alternative – Permeable Pavers

Now that we know the pros and cons of crushed limestone, it’s important to note that crushed limestone isn’t the only permeable driveway option. What if you could enjoy the benefits of a permeable driveway without the drawbacks of loose crushed limestone? Meet TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers! Our revolutionary pavers provide the benefits of crushed limestone with a sprinkle of additional advantages.

TRUEGRID®’s permeable pavers offer durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. They require less maintenance than crushed limestone driveways. The gravel fill is protected by the TRUEGRID cells and walls and will not “walk-away” in tire treads.

Their aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly design make for a superior driveway solution, which makes them the perfect alternative to crushed limestone. You get all the benefits and none of the drawbacks!

Learn More About TRUEGRID® Permeable Pavers Today!

Crushed limestone driveways have a unique charm, but TRUEGRID® permeable pavers bring much more to the table. With their combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental benefits, they’re an investment every homeowner should consider.

Don’t wait to upgrade your home’s driveway. Reach out today for an estimate on your project. Your dream driveway is just a click away!

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