Asphalt Millings Driveway: Is it the Right Choice for You?

Asphalt Millings For Driveways: Is it the Right Choice for You?

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Are you considering installing a milled asphalt driveway on your property but aren’t certain it’s the right choice for you? Choosing the right driveway material is incredibly important, so we recommend researching and learning as much as possible about the material you want before making a decision.

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about milled asphalt driveways, including what they are, their advantages, disadvantages, and some alternatives that might be perfect for your home. 

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What are Milled Asphalt Driveways?

Milled asphalt driveways, sometimes called asphalt millings driveways, are created from recycled asphalt pavement. The process involves grinding down existing asphalt into a fine material that can be relaid and compacted to create a new driveway. It’s a way to reuse old materials, which makes it an environmentally conscious choice.

Essentially, the benefits of milled asphalt driveways all come down to recycling, affordability, and quick installation, but they also have some pretty significant drawbacks.

The Pros and Cons of Milled Asphalt Driveways

When considering an asphalt milling driveway, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages in order to decide whether it’s right for you.

The Pros of Milled Asphalt Driveways

The pros of an asphalt millings driveway

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider a milled asphalt driveway for your home or commercial property, including:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The cost of an asphalt milling driveway is significantly lower than a new asphalt or concrete driveway. Affordability makes it an attractive option for anyone on a budget.
  • Quick Installation: Milling asphalt driveways can be laid and compacted quickly to minimize installation fees and ultimately save money.
  • Recyclability: Choosing asphalt millings for your driveway is eco-friendly because they repurpose old asphalt which reduces waste and the demand for new materials.

The Cons of Milled Asphalt Driveways

The Cons of Asphalt Millings Driveway

Of course the benefits are appealing, but there are several downsides you should consider. Here are some distinct disadvantages of milled asphalt driveways:

  • Durability Issues: Milled asphalt driveways may not last as long as their newer counterparts. They can be prone to normal wear and tear, which requires more frequent repairs or replacement sooner than expected.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Asphalt millings driveway maintenance is crucial to extend its lifespan. Regular sealing is necessary to keep it in good condition, which adds to the overall cost of the material.
  • Environmental Concerns: Although recycling asphalt is beneficial, the process still involves petroleum-based products, which can contribute to pollution and environmental issues.
  • Limited Versatility: Milled asphalt offers very few customization options in color and texture. This limitation might not suit property owners looking for unique driveway aesthetics.
  • Design Aesthetics: The look of a milled asphalt driveway is distinctly different from other materials. It lacks the polished finish of new asphalt or the natural appeal of alternative options like permeable pavers, which could reduce your property’s curb appeal.

A Better Solution: Permeable Pavers

An image introducing permeable pavers as a better alternative to an asphalt millings driveway

Permeable pavers are a sustainable and innovative solution that doesn’t have the same limitations as milled asphalt driveways. Their unique construction allows water to pass through to address common issues associated with non-permeable surfaces. 

Here are seven unique benefits of permeable pavers and why you should consider them over milled asphalt for your driveway.

1. Environmental Impact

Permeable pavers drastically reduce runoff which allows water to filter through and diminish pollutants before they reach natural bodies of water. This process cleans the water and reduces the risk of flooding in order to contribute to a healthier and safer ecosystem.

2. Durability

Permeable pavers are engineered to withstand heavy loads, which makes them a perfect option for high-traffic areas. This strength translates into fewer repairs and replacements and much less maintenance to help ensure that your investment lasts years.

3. Low Maintenance

a low maintenance permeable paver driveway

In contrast to milled asphalt, which requires periodic sealing and repairs, permeable pavers are super low maintenance and require low upkeep. Their design naturally resists common driveway issues, such as cracks, potholes, and erosion to save both time and money on maintenance.

4. Aesthetic Flexibility

The variety of colors, shapes, and patterns available with permeable pavers allows for complete customization and personalization. This design flexibility ensures that you can design your driveway or pathway to complement the surrounding architecture and landscape design.

5. Temperature Control

Permeable pavers reflect sunlight and allow water to evaporate through their surface, which helps reduce surface temperatures. This unique and valuable feature is particularly beneficial in urban areas where heat buildup can be a significant problem.

6. Water Management

a permeable paver driveway being used for water management

By effectively managing rainwater onsite, permeable pavers prevent flooding and erosion to help protect your property and the environment. Efficient water management also mitigates the burden on municipal stormwater systems, which is a positive for everyone in your area.

7. Long-Term Investment

Although the initial cost of permeable pavers may be higher than traditional paving materials, their durability and low maintenance requirements provide significant savings over time. This makes permeable pavers a wise investment for your wallet, your property, and the planet.

Elevate Your Driveway with Permeable Pavers from TRUEGRID®

Elevate Your Driveway with Permeable Pavers from TRUEGRID® Instead of an Asphalt Millings Driveway

While milled asphalt driveways offer certain benefits, permeable pavers from TRUEGRID® provide a more sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution without any of the drawbacks. By opting for our permeable pavers, you’re investing in the future of your property and the planet.

Visit TRUEGRID® today to learn more, or fill out this form to request an estimate!

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