Stormwater Management - Stormwater Runoff - TRUEGRID Pavers
World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance

Grass Pavers - Manufacturer direct cost savings.COST

  • 100 % land utilization - storm water detention in sub-base
  • Eliminates costly storm drain construction and soil stabilization
  • Comes in manufacturer-direct price. Made in USA.


  • World's strongest permeable paver - grass or gravel filled for natural appearance
  • Exceeds 6880 psi when TRUEGRID is empty. Load capacity increases significantly when filled.
  • A permanent solution for heavy traffic applications such as equipment yards, parking lots, truck stops, driveways, trails, access roads and more.

TRUEGRID permeable grass pvars drecrease the impact of flooding.STORM

  • 98% Permeable
  • Decreases the impact of flooding
  • Storm Water Detention underneath your surface

How does TRUEGRID revolutionize stormwater management?

Our permeable pavers have become a game-changer in storm water management in three key ways.

  1. Our pavers give you back your land. With a TRUEGRID parking lot, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your storm water detention pond and utilize up to 100% of your land because the storm water is detained underneath your parking surface. Instead of wasting valuable real estate on detention ponds, you can expand your business, thereby generating revenue.
  2. Our pavers are green. When rain falls on your TRUEGRID parking lot, more than 65% of heavy metals, automotive chemicals, and debris are typically removed by the natural bioremediation process from the water. It’s this cleaner water that is reabsorbed into the soil, your city’s water system or your aquifer.
  3. Our pavers reduce flooding. By shifting storm water detention underneath the parking surface, flooding in the entire community can be greatly reduced. Thanks to your innovative storm water management, your neighborhood will worry less about flooding as well as mud and puddles.

Image of vehicle parked on grass pavers.
The advantages of grass pavers.

What is the advantage of permeable pavers over traditional asphalt?

Permeable pavers beat out their asphalt counterparts on several levels:

  • Less maintenance and expense. Though asphalt may have a lower initial price, it’s long-term maintenance costs are staggering. It also only has a lifespan of 15-20 years while our pavers will last for up to 60. In addition, many municipalities are taxing lots with impervious (asphalt, concrete, or gravel) hardscape cover because of their flooding and drainage inefficiencies. On the other hand, many cities will waive your property’s storm water fee if enough of its surface is pervious.
  • Flexible and durable. With changing climates and soil erosion, asphalt will crack, erode, and decay in just a few years. This is why asphalt-paved surfaces need constant repair. In contrast, our pavers are designed to flexibly adjust to shifts in the earth and can be used in all climates and soil types without issues or heavy maintenance.
  • Heat and aesthetics. Blacktop asphalt radiates heat and is a sore sight for the eyes, unlike TRUEGRID’s grass or gravel fill. Not only is it much cooler, but its natural aesthetic complements high end commercial and residential properties.
  • Handles wear and tear. Our pavers have a compression strength of 6800 psi before they are filled which increases significantly in strength with each fill. Asphalt may look strong, but our pavers are stronger and can withstand heavy traffic, storms, and erosion.

What's the cost of permeable pavers?

Our pavers are a cost-competitive solution that will result in substantial long-term savings. TRUEGRID installation costs typically 10-50% less than concrete and is competitively priced when compared to asphalt, particularly in large sites. Additionally, our pavers save you considerable square footage as you no longer have to worry about building storm water detention ponds. We provide volume-based prices for commercial, retail and industrial projects, and are competitive as well for smaller residential applications . Visit our site and submit a quote request form to get a custom quote for your project. We guarantee a response in one business day or less.

Grass paver installation questions.


Your pavers have saved me money long term AND short term! With all its benefits and low maintenance costs, I thought it would be expensive to install, but in fact, it’s even cheaper than the quotes I got for asphalt and concrete pavers. I’m happy to be saving money now and later

Keith, Portland

After switching to sustainable energy, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate other green practices into my business. Your paving solutions not only help my business go green, but they also help my community enjoy a cleaner water supply. Other businesses have followed my lead and installed your pavers already and together, we are hopeful that we’ll be able to make a lasting contribution to our surrounding environment

Delores, Savannah

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