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Save Land and Money with TRUEGRID Permeable Paving Detention

TRUEGRID PRO PLUS is your solution.
Compacted sub-soils, a geotextile filter fabric, #57 Stone, TRUEGRID PRO PLUS, gravel infill, and SuperSpot® parking markers are all you need.

  2. 100% LAND USE


  • Allows full land use for parking or surface activities
  • Drains rapidly
  • Avoids costly inspections
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Avoids unpleasant pests, invasive plant species, and odor
  • Avoids runoff and water loss
  • Self-filters and removes pollution
  • Reduces risk and insurance costs
  • Installs easily

  • Yes: Utilize all of the land for parking, driving, storage, and revenue generation

  • Yes: Works immediately with 1000 + inches per hour infiltration rate

  • Yes: TRUEGRID surface may be scanned quickly

  • Yes: Low or no maintenance

  • Yes: Open-air surface dries quickly without standing water

  • Yes: TRUEGRID’s surface has no runoff and 100% infiltration, resulting in virtually no water loss

  • Yes: Pollution removal is done within The TRUEGRID System. The entire TRUEGRID surface is used for storage and filtration

  • Yes: Flat, accessible surface

  • Yes: After surface preparation, TRUEGRID permeable pavers are laid down and locks in place with a small crew
  • Open
    Detention Pond

  • No: Rain and runoff cause problems or flooding

  • No: Drainage speed limited by conveyance mechanisms and filters. Requires up to 72 hours to perform.

  • No: Regular inspection of inlet, outlet, depth, sediment accumulation, trash/debris accumulation

  • No: Maintain, repair, and replace trickle channel, trash rack, and piping. Stabilize slope, remove sediment, remove debris. Mow regularly, remove excessive vegetation. Use inspection and maintenance log sheet

  • No: Possible scum, algal blooms, excessive vegetation, unpleasant odors, mosquito and insect breeding

  • No: 20% water loss to conveyance and evaporation

  • No: Pre-treatment (e.g., vegetated filter strip, swale, turf grass, forebay)

  • No: Ongoing liability insurance

  • No: Requires extensive excavation. Requires safety systems, ancillary components, and third-party filtration
  • Subsurface Chamber

  • Yes: Surface above chamber can be used

  • No: Drainage speed limited by inlets, filters, and conveyance

  • No: Regular inspection of inlet, outlet, sediment accumulation, filter condition, trash/debris accumulation, oil accumulation, structural integrity, conveyance. Record sediment depth on inspection log

  • No: Maintain, repair, and replace filters and ports and outfall area. Vacuum removal of sediment, silt, and debris. Record maintenance using log sheet

  • Yes: Below-ground chamber limits exposed water

  • No: 90 to 95% runoff from hard surfaces above system; 5-10% loss to runoff and conveyance. Does not promote groundwater recharge

  • No: Pre-treatment (e.g., vegetated filter strip, swale, turf grass, forebay) and post-treatment is required in most cases

  • No: Construction liability, product insurance, obtain confined space permits for inspections, use personal protective equipment

  • No: Requires extensive excavation. Chambers must be fabricated, shipped, and installed. Requires several components and third-party filtration. Up to 33% of disturbed volume not used for storage

Optimizing Land Use

Combine the parking and drive aisles with the retention or detention footprint: The area of your site that would otherwise be consumed by the pond to be transformed into a sustainable landscape with continuous use green space, recreational areas, or even reclaimed for increased development.

Increased Value

In conventional stormwater drainage designs, on-site detention or retention ponds can consume a large portion of the site. These ponds have limited alternative applications (assuming the pond dries out sufficiently for the intended alternative use) and reduce the income-generating footprint of the site. TRUEGRID allows you to reclaim the surface for full use in parking, roadways, or revenue generating leasing.

PRO PLUS® The Commercial Paver

TRUEGRID® Pro Plus is 100% permeable. Drive on the surface, detain storm water below. Save land and money. Utilize 100% of your land by eliminating detention ponds.

Our products are also strong enough for heavy traffic or 18 wheelers, and they’re less expensive than concrete. The innovative design of PRO PLUS keeps the aggregate in place. Contained aggregate will not shift or pulverize and will not produce dust.


With the water detention/retention located within the TRUEGRID system, we eliminate public safety concerns associated with the accidental drowning of children, and do not provide breeding grounds for insects that transmit diseases like West Nile Virus. Harmful algal blooms will not contaminate the air surrounding a TRUEGRID install.

TRUEGRID is The World's Strongest Permeable Paver and will not collapse. Our sub-base is engineered from solid #57 stone or other engineered structural bases. Made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, TRUEGRID is inert and resistant to chemicals.

Underground chambers, pipes, and tanks are vulnerable to static and dynamic forces from hydraulic stresses, traffic pressure, and soil-side loads. These forces act on both the underground systems themselves and the installed components required for them to function. Depending on the material composition, underground chambers are also subject to deterioration from salts, carbonation, lawn chemicals, and rust.


Your options are: expansive detention ponds, underground chamber systems or TRUEGRID. Here’s why TRUEGRID wins.

Above ground detention ponds require land... a lot of land. There are also safety concerns, expensive maintenance issues, and efficiency issues.

Underground stormwater systems like pipe, modular chambers, and other tank systems are expensive to install, treat, and maintain. At nearly the same volume of excavated area, you can accomplish all your stormwater storage needs with TRUEGRID at a fraction of the installed and life-cycle costs.

TRUEGRID requires very little maintenance especially compared to detention ponds and underground systems. TRUEGRID is more efficient: 100% permeability means virtually no water loss to runoff, evaporation, or conveyance. All the pollutant removal and filtering is done within TRUEGRID's cross-section; Underground chambers and above ground ponds require expensive filters and separators to function. TRUEGRID requires no added curbing, strip drains, grates, conveyance pipes, manholes, or liners -- A majority of which are required, in some combination, by ponds and underground chambers.

Start saving money, time, and maintenance by designing and specifying TRUEGRID for your stormwater detention and retention needs.

Self-Storage Facility

The owner of this self-storage facility was about to develop his site. His engineers, as well as the city, told him he would need to use 2.5 acres of his 14-acre site to build a detention pond. Gravel alone would not be counted as pervious cover.

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