NYC Ferry Completed One Month Ahead of Schedule - TRUEGRID Pavers

NYC Ferry Completed One Month Ahead of Schedule

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Two new routes at the NYC Ferry have been opened one month ahead of schedule. The mayor, other city officials and fellow New Yorkers rejoiced with a celebratory opening ceremony as the Mayor Bill de Blasio announced “a new era begins in New York City.”

The new ferry system, which includes the Rockaway and East River routes, hopes to ease commuting for New Yorkers and heavy congestion of vehicle traffic on roads and foot traffic in the subway system.

In an effort to offset the environmental impact the ferry could potentially have, sustainable alternatives for pavement were considered. TRUEGRID was chosen to create a permeable parking lot for stormwater management, low-to-no maintenance pavement.

Price for a ride on the ferry is $2.75, just as much as the subway and bus rates.

Permeable Rockaway Ferry parking lot installation
TRUEGRID Permeable Paver parking lot – installation at NYC Rockaway Ferry. 100% Pervious and Snowplow Compatible.

Benefits from utilizing a TRUEGRID parking lot:

  1. Stormwater Management – Impermeable surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, don’t allow water to filter back into the ground causing runoff or flooding. Permeable pavers do the opposite. This open cell design filters water through the grid system, strategically built with compacted gravel and industrial strength plastic grids,
  2. Underground Detention – Because of its unique permeable properties, runoff water can be lead into an underground deteniton made from compacted rock that also providfes a stable foundation.
  3. Low-to-No Maintenance – Concrete and asphalt tends to crack or create potholes over time due to external factors. Some external factors can include extreme heat or cold, heavy load traffic and weather conditions over time. Because of its patented design, permeable plastic pavers are made to be durable but flexible to adapt to any small changes.
  4. Easy to Install – Permeable pavers are modular and easily interlock to create custom sized and shaped pavement projects.
  5. Puddle-, Rut- and Mud-Free – Due to the permeability benefits of pavers, water is unable to accumulate in puddles that create ruts and mud. The pavement and surrounding area is safe from unstable ground.

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