Step 1

Before you begin: Materials & Equipment

Materials checklist


Equipment checklist
__ Compaction equipment: to compress TRUEGRID ROOT™ into existing grass.

__ Example: Heavy roller, plate compactor, and hand tamper* for smaller areas . Heavy roller is quickest for large areas.

__ Circular saw or reciprocating saw (if needed for trimming edges or around existing objects/trees on lot)

__ Sod staples/U-Pins and a hammer (for reuse of trimmed ROOT pieces and some edges or transition areas)

Step 2

Before you begin: Site Prep

  1. Level out any deep potholes or ruts, if needed. TRUEGRID ROOT™ will flex to conform to most surface unevenness that exist.
    • Fill in and compact infill for any existing ruts or pot holes in the lot.
    • Ground is best to be damp for a softer grass surface before compressing TRUEGRID ROOT™ into place.
  2. Outside temperature and ground temperature (1-inch / 25mm depth) should be above 55° F (13° C).

Step 3

Installation steps

  1. Install TRUEGRID ROOT™
    • Start in corner of site with female tabs on grid facing out. Line up grid and connect next grid section with empty cells facing down. TRUEGRID ROOT™ w/the most surface area should be facing up. TRUEGRID will typically go down at around 1000 SF per man/hr.

Step 4

2. Compress TRUEGRID ROOT™ into sufficiently watered grass with heavy roller or other equipment* to allow ROOT to cut into the top soil/grass.

3.TRUEGRID ROOT™ can be trimmed to fit around trees or any other existing objects that need to remain on grass lot TRUEGRID ROOT™ can be trimmed to fit along parking lot edges, if needed.
• Hammer sod staples/u-pins to secure trimmed pieces to adjacent pieces when built-in connectors cannot be secured or when edges do not rest flat to the grade/grass surface.

*Different soil compositions and grass species may require different compaction equipment or a combination of equipment: Rollers, plate compactors, or hand tampers.
**This installation guide and installation is not recommended for ROOT on St. Augustine grass and other horizontal rhizome (crawling) type grasses.

Completed Installation


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