Inspiring Driveway for New Home - TRUEGRID Pavers

Inspiring Driveway for New Home

Chris White
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These eco-minded homeowners wanted a beautiful, natural aesthetic  for their driveway to complement their amazing new home in scenic Pennsylvania. They chose TRUEGRID ECO.


Cobblestone pavers briefly transition the driveway from the street for a warm, welcoming touch. Matching cobblestone borders line the gravel filled TRUEGRID driveway as it slopes uphill towards the house.


A light colored hard, angular, clean 5/8” gravel fills the ECO paving. The winding TRUEGRID driveway sits on 6” of clean, washed angular gravel for optimal drainage within the base.


Curb appeal, eco-friendliness and harmony with the natural setting.


Uncover ECO For Instant grass or gravel driveways and pathways

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