North America’s Largest BMX Bike Park – TRUEGRID Pavers
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  • WHAT: High Traffic Permeable Parking Lots for Sports Event Center
  • WHERE: Houston, TX
  • SIZE: 175,000 sq. ft.

TRUEGRID helps future site of the 2020 UCI BMX World Championships save a million dollars by eliminating detention pond and providing a high traffic commercial lot at a lower cost than concrete turnkey.In October 2016, Union Cyclist International (UCI) announced that Houston would host the 2020 UCI BMX World Championships—the world’s largest BMX racing competition—at the yet unbuilt North Houston Bike Park. The Park is part of a 30-acre extreme sports complex that can seat approximately 3,500 guests as a $13-14 million extension of North Houston Skate Park, the largest skate park in North America.

In order to accommodate the anticipated audience that comes with an Olympic-level event, TRUEGRID PRO PLUS was used in the construction of 175,000 sf of 100% permeable parking lots.

"I have no doubt that Houston will provide an exquisite route for riders to compete on, as well as provide outstanding hospitality to the athletes and guests,” said Derek Bouchard-Hall, President CEO of USA Cycling.

The UCI BMX World Championships will be the last stop for BMX racers before the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. “This is probably something that’s going to put Houston on the map for extreme sports,”

-- Sally Bradford, executive director of the Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority told the Houston Chronicle.

- North Houston Bike Park

Project Scope

The project was over budget and in jeopardy with the original, traditional concrete parking lot and detention pond design. Also the site was 100 parking spaces shy of the capacity requirement.


Use TRUEGRID PRO PLUS with SuperSpots to reduce cost, achieve additional parking and reduce the detention pond by putting detention under the TRUEGRID lots.


The project was restarted and came in under budget, gained 100 new parking spaces, has a natural aesthetic to the park, and provided over 58,000 cubic feet of storm water detention in the flood prone area.

LEED Credit Opportunities
  • Stormwater Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Innovation & Design
  • Materials & Resources
  • Heat Island Effect - No Roof


CO2 Saved

519.17 TONS

Equivalent To

109,298 Trees Planted

Plastic Recycled

231,000 LBS

Equivalent To


Stormwater Detained

340,340 GAL

Equivalent To

8,509 Large Bathtubs