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  • WHAT: Self-Storage Parking Lot
  • WHERE: New Braunfels, TX
  • SIZE: 175,000 sq. ft.

The owner of this self-storage facility was about to develop his site. His engineers, as well as the city, told him he would need to use 2.5 acres of his 14-acre site to build a detention pond. Gravel alone would not be counted as pervious cover.

Project Scope

He took his plan, did a Google search for permeable pavers, and chose TRUEGRID over all other options. Working hand-in-hand with TRUEGRID, his civil engineers calculated that the entire site's detention volume requirements could be met with 8"of sub-base under the TRUEGRID surface. The base and fill material was locally sourced 3/4" limestone. The land was graded with a slight slope so any minimal storm water that did not infiltrate the sub-soils could be sheet flowed toward the rear of the property. A porous pinpoint fabric was also used between the soil and the sub-base rock for added stabilization of the clay soils.


The owner saved over $1 million in construction costs and gained the opportunity to utilize the land to generate over $4 million in revenue for the next 25 years.

Clients love the dry, stabilized surface to park and drive their RV's and boats on without exposure to mud, rutting and hot asphalt.

The city is pleased to have a natural surface and lower the impact on the city storm water system.


Detention ponds are not only expensive but have inherent problems. Maintenance costs, safety and drowning hazards, mosquito breeding, storm water contamination, with anoxic conditions. TRUEGRID eliminates these issues while providing detention. A total of $408,000 in costs were completely avoided for a drainage system, pumps and detention pond. On top of that, due to absence of detention pond that provides more land utilization, they are projected to gain $4,320,000 in revenue for the extra available property use.


LEED Credit Opportunities
  • Stormwater Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Innovation & Design
  • Materials & Resources
  • Heat Island Effect - No Roof


CO2 Saved

519.17 TONS

Equivalent To

109,298 Trees Planted

Plastic Recycled

231,000 LBS

Equivalent To


Stormwater Detained

340,340 GAL

Equivalent To

8,509 Large Bathtubs