Marten Transport – TRUEGRID Pavers
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  • WHAT: Commercial Parking Lot
  • WHERE: Tampl, FL
  • SIZE: 150,000 sq. ft.
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 150K Hybrid Lot
  • Total TRUEGRID Used: 70K SF with 80K SF of Asphalt
  • Total Construction: 10 weeks on site for TRUEGRID (base prep and install) and asphalt installation – including milling the existing asphalt and top coat.

Products Used: TRUEGRID PRO PLUS & SuperSpot®

Project Scope

Marten Transport's terminal in Tampa, FL, faced a challenge. Their existing 150,000 square foot lot was divided equally between asphalt and grass, limiting their parking options. They desired full utilization of their land without the hassle of modifying their current stormwater layout.


TRUEGRID's 100% permeability and detention volume offered Marten Transport the ideal solution to meet their parking needs while maintaining efficient stormwater management. The company was able to create additional parking spaces on their lot without the necessity of constructing a detention pond or altering their existing stormwater infrastructure.


The transformed parking lot is utilized daily for both 18-wheelers and employee traffic. Marten Transport was thrilled with the outcome of the initial installation, and this success prompted them to expand their partnership with TRUEGRID. They will be installing a second yard this summer in Orlando using TRUEGRID's permeable paving system, with plans for further installations throughout the state.

This particular project was completed in October 2020 by Texas Eco Pavers, showcasing the effectiveness and durability of the TRUEGRID system. The  image above shows the immediate installation and the right image displaying the lot's present condition 2 1/2 years later.

LEED Credit Opportunities
  • Stormwater Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Innovation & Design
  • Materials & Resources
  • Heat Island Effect - No Roof


CO2 Saved

445.00 TONS

Equivalent To

93,684 Trees Planted

Plastic Recycled

198,000 LBS

Equivalent To


Stormwater Detained

291,720 GAL

Equivalent To

7,293 Large Bathtubs