Employee and Visitor Parking in Fort Collins, CO – TRUEGRID Pavers
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  • WHAT: Green Parking Lot
  • WHERE: Fort Collins, CO
  • SIZE: 29,500 sq. ft.

TRUEGRID PRO PLUS provides employees and customers parking in a gravel reinforced lot and grass reinforced lot.

Project Scope

A stormwater drainage test case for permeable plastic paving by Neenan Archistruction.  Daily employee and visitor parking traffic in a gravel surface lot and a grass surface lot.


The gravel lot solution:  The area was excavated down a perforated drain pipe was placed in lowest (east) portion of the lot and connected to a 6" outlet pipe.  Concrete curbing and landscape islands were installed.  The existing clay subsoils were not compacted to allow for percolation.  Different layers of base were placed see figures 1 and 2.   TRUEGRID PRO PLUS was placed and connected and SuperSpots were inserted.  A 3/8" clean, uniform, crushed granite fill was used as the surface layer.

The grass lot solution: Similar to the gravel lot, the area was excavated down to allow for the base material and the height of TRUEGRID PRO PLUS.  A perforated drain pipe connects to a 6" outlet for added drainage.  The clay subsoils were not compacted to prevent "bath-tubing" and to allow for as much percolation as possible. Varying layers of base and growing media were placed -- see figures 1 and 2 .  TRUEGRID PRO PLUS was installed and SuperSpots inserted marking the parking bays.  The TRUEGRID was filled with a "golf-course" growing mix and topped with a hearty grass to withstand the traffic.


Cross Section for Neenan Archistruction of TRUEGRID permeable parking lotFigure 1


TRUEGRID permeable fill for Neenan InstallationFigure 2



The TRUEGRID PRO PLUS gravel parking section is operating at full capacity most work days. Neenan Archistructure traditionally wants to test out new technologies before recommending to clients.  With the success of this installation, they are confident in TRUEGRID's use for their clients.

The TRUEGRID PRO PLUS grass parking lot section is also used daily.  Neenan is recommending a TRUEGRID grass installation be used in overflow parking and firelanes.

Neenan Archistruction prefers surface treatment and storage for stormwater management-- such as porous pavement detention -- over other methods.

LEED Credit Opportunities
  • Stormwater Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Innovation & Design
  • Materials & Resources
  • Heat Island Effect - No Roof


CO2 Saved

87.52 TONS

Equivalent To

18,425 Trees Planted

Plastic Recycled

38,940 LBS

Equivalent To


Stormwater Detained

57,372 GAL

Equivalent To

1,434 Large Bathtubs